We trade in electromechanical, housekeeping, construction and all over from design, engineering, supply and installation.Trading is FOUNDGATES is core service and we can supply products for various industries, as authorized distributors from international market and the list is keep growing. Some of our products includes:

Pumping Solution

Industrial Fans and Filtration

Valves And Fittings

 gate / ball / butterfly / needle / control


Mechanical / motorized / solenoid

For : water / oil / fuel / acid / steam / chemicals

Electric Power & Generator Solutions



  • Level gauges

  • Level transmitters

  • Wire / wireless systems

  • Flow meters

  • Pressure transmitters / gauges

  • Wireless monitor (short-range wireless communications systems)

  • Wireless monitor (short-range wireless communications systems)

  • Fire / explosion proof instrumentation atex / ul

Compressed Air System & Fuel Solution

R (6)

Strainers And Filtration

Strainers : basket / y- strainer / custom

Stainless steel

Steam / exhaust / water / fuel / acid / oils

Metal Fabrication Products

  • Steel structure / platforms / equipment frames

  • Ducting works

  • Trenches covers

  • Tanks / piping claddin

  • Tanks / piping cladding

Expansion Joints

Expansion joints / flexible connections

Steel / rubber

Steam / water/fuel/oil

How We Do It

We are guided by the same basic precepts

Provide quality workmanship and exemplary client service. Employ people of the highest integrity and skill. Provide a safe work environment for our employees and subcontractors.

Industry's work ethic runs deep

From the beginning, honesty and clear vision along with hard work and imagination have been integral parts of our steady and diversified growth.

We have created a culture

We have created a culture that promotes Trust and we are extremely proud of that. This culture has produced a team that likes what they are doing and that is why we do what we do so well.