Outsourcing Solutions

Outsourcing Solutions

We provide all Outsourcing Solutions from Manpower, Rental Equipment, Porject Consultations Team, Safety Teams and Vehicles for various industries such as Construction, Hotels, GYM(s), Events, Production Plants, Maintenance Services, Housekeeping, Commercial Stores and Malls.

Multiple Solutions are available based on client requirement and the country of provided services.


Oil & Gas




A. Types Of Spaces

Rental Equipment

Project Consultation

Our Project team provides consultation for IT Works, Power Plants, Treatment Plants, Construction Sites and other Facilities. The consultation services can be avail partially for a specific scope of project such as Design & Build, QHSE, Commissioning, Procurement or for the full Scope as a Project Consultant.

Solar Power

Our Team is at your disposal to deliver a complete Solar Powered solution packages includes; Designing, Engineering, Budgeting, Project Management lead, Outsourcing, Procurement and Logistical Support for Energy Sector entities.

Below analysis shows the emerging market of Solar Power. Further information in details can be shared on request for better understanding of Solar Power System