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Job Description

• Determine and Business scope and objectives
• Manage Complete Team (Accommodations, Transport, Procurement, Deliveries, Site Services, Documentation, Approvals, Permits, Client Management and Payments
• Predict resources needed to reach objectives and manage resources in an effective and efficient manner
• Manage contracts with vendors and suppliers by assigning tasks and communicating expected deliverables
• Utilize industry best practices, techniques, and standards throughout the entire role
• Monitor progress and make adjustments as needed
• Continuous Follow-ups to meet the SLA & KPI Standards
• Proven ability to solve problems creatively
• Excellent analytical skills
• Strong interpersonal skills and extremely resourceful
• Proven ability to complete projects according to outlined scope, budget, and timeline
• Guide employees through their development
• Develop department wide reports on progress
• Give constructive criticism to managers
• Ensure that the department budget is being met
• Implement department wide procedures
• Ability to work independently and in a team
• Ability to juggle multiple projects at once
• Incredible communication skills
• Supervise a department’s operations and activities.
• Create a strategic workforce plan and pre-empt possible manpower issues
• Manage personnel matters like recruiting and firing
• Do contract management and negotiation, as well as data performance analysis to make the best business decisions
• Have an analytical and critical mindset for evaluating existing data and making the best business decisions
• Have sound judgement of character; especially when hiring new employees
• Can keep composure under pressure

Job Information

Job City
Preferred Gender
Required Age
23 – 40 Years
Minimum Education
Degree Title
Career Level
Required Experience
4 Years