Industrial And Power Solutions Work Profile

FOUNDGATES is an emirates based company with its services and branches spread across saudi arabia, emirates, india, pakistan, egypt and now spreading to uk.

We offer complete and partial infrastructure, design, engineering, architectural works, build, rental equipment, site inspections & surveys and excavation works.



We are leading pmv, o/m and facilities management service provider and we are qualified to take over the following projects:

  • Construction  and structural work for ( real estate, facilities or project sites ).
  • Develop and manage plants, facilities, gsm network sites.
  • Provide energy solution on rental basis.
  • Supply of manpower for construction , hospitality and site works.
  • Projects consultation for construction sites.
  • Holding distribution license for various industries counterparts.
  • Trading for electromechanical parts, supplies for construction sites, hospitality industry and it infrastructure.

About Us

FOUNDGATES is an emirates based company with its services and branches spread across saudi arabia, emirates, india, pakistan, egypt and now spreading to uk.

FOUNDGATES is a leading power / energy solutions provider company that deals with the following fields:

FOUNDGATES is qualified for following project profiles and contract types:

Site Management, Generator And Auxiliaries Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance

FOUNDGATES Commitment of Quality does not stop at.


We provide a full installation service across the gulf area with factory-trained installation teams and supported by manufacturer staff, either from the korea or hhi international operations.

Our mechanical and electrical installation teams are fully trained and equipped to undertake the most challenging jobs of generating set and control system installations.


The commissioning department comprises a team of dedicated engineers controlled directly by the commissioning manager bringing with them over 30 years of experience on standby and base load, diesel engine-driven generators.

The primary role of the engineers is to commission generators in accordance with bespoke testing regimes which cover the basic functionality of the system through to the final system hand-over tests.


FOUNDGATES can maintain your generator to the standard you require and to suit your specific performance requirements, whether weekend, night working or a combination.

Our engineers carry a diverse and wide range set of spares to maximize the efficiency, without the need for a return visit, aiming to reduce costs.

Generator Service,
Fast Response Solutions

FOUNDGATES provides all the services and expertise to ensure provided solution is correctly installed, commissioned and supported during its life cycle and the right training provided.

Site Services:

FOUNDGATES site services consists of mechanical installation, electrical installation, commissioning, service sales, after sales support, spare parts and warranty staff. Each department has its own dedicated manager and support staff. All mechanical and electrical installation teams are fully conversant with construction site protocols and site safety requirements.

The installation teams operate from fully equipped vehicles including all of their required health and safety documentation. The commissioning engineers are each equipped with software packages and programming leads and dongles to suit all of the FOUNDGATES plc & hmi preferred systems.

Services & Spares:

During the lifetime of the generator, we ensure that it is serviced so that it continues to operate at optimal efficiency, and we can quickly supply any spares that may be required. Our fast and responsive service support staff is always available. In addition, we provide highly effective training designed to make certain that all the personnel responsible for operating the generator are competent to do so.

Services Support:

Whatever the scale of the job, FOUNDGATES has the capability to resolve it. From the simple to more complex faults, we have 24-hour service engineers available to assist in fault resolution.

Diesel Fuel Testing And Polishing:

To maximize operational efficiency and protect the life of your plant and equipment we also provide diesel fuel testing and polishing.