Health Care Center Work Profile

FOUNDGATES is an emirates based company with its services and branches spread across saudi arabia, emirates, india, pakistan, egypt and now spreading to uk.

We offer complete and partial infrastructure, design, engineering, architectural works, build, rental equipment, site inspections & surveys and excavation works.



We are leading pmv, o/m and facilities management service provider and we are qualified to take over the following projects:

  • Construction  and structural work for ( real estate, facilities or project sites ).
  • Develop and manage plants, facilities, gsm network sites.
  • Provide energy solution on rental basis.
  • Supply of manpower for construction , hospitality and site works.
  • Projects consultation for construction sites.
  • Holding distribution license for various industries counterparts.
  • Trading for electromechanical parts, supplies for construction sites, hospitality industry and it infrastructure.

Our Approach

Accomplishing challenging goals is a delicate balance of sheer determination and ingenious flexibility. With FOUNDGATES as your healthcare services partner, you will be empowered to effectively manage your current or new healthcare facility, no matter how often, or how dramatically, the landscape changes.

Doing business with FOUNDGATES enables you to choose whatever strategy will win the day for cost-effective quality healthcare. Each solution is tailor-made, not only for each of our clients, but also taking into consideration the prevailing conditions at the time.

Managed Services


Engineering, procurement and construction of entities.


All partial facilities management solutions around the clock 24/7 under sla terms.


On call maintenance works for mep and it under yearly contract.


Fm, maintenance, mep, chemicals, and lubricants include all types of supplies.


Transport of medical supplies, waste and others.


Complete renovations of any kind are available.

EPC – Engineering, Procurement and Construction works

FOUNDGATES provides complete and partial epc solutions for any entity or build structure.

The service offer 04 packages in partial and 01 complete epc solution as main contractor.

FM – Facilities Management

Fm is one of the key services of FOUNDGATES and comes with several packages and options based on project and the services requirements.

Fm services falls under sla & kpi terms to meet the standards of our partners and clients.

Packages can be offered after site case study and subjected to the regulations of concerned authority. All packages are offered wither in lum sum or per square meter.

Some of the packages are:


Maintenance services are under contractual  terms for on call services available either 08 hours of morning time or 24/07 subjected to the contractual terms.

FOUNDGATES handle requests for regular workmanship of corrective maintenance works, including but not limited to plumbing, painting, masonry, carpentry, electrical and related maintenance activities excluding any parts or special tools required to perform the job.

Undertaking to carry out building and grounds maintenance services, which include but shall not be limited to the following services:

All these services are also available in compete fm operations package.

Actual Work Presentation