FOUNDGATES is an emirates based company with its services and branches spread across saudi arabia, emirates, india, pakistan, egypt and now spreading to uk.

We offer complete and partial infrastructure, design, engineering, architectural works, build, rental equipment, site inspections & surveys and excavation works.



We are leading pmv, o/m and facilities management service provider and we are qualified to take over the following projects:

  • Construction  and structural work for ( real estate, facilities or project sites ).
  • Develop and manage plants, facilities, gsm network sites.
  • Provide energy solution on rental basis.
  • Supply of manpower for construction , hospitality and site works.
  • Projects consultation for construction sites.
  • Holding distribution license for various industries counterparts.
  • Trading for electromechanical parts, supplies for construction sites, hospitality industry and it infrastructure.

Types Of Spaces

Rental Equipment


Oil & Gas




Whatever your rental power requirements

Rental generator

Rental generator sets up to maximum capacity required for a variety of industries

Construction site

On hourly wages load banks, fuel tanks, air compressors and transformers  to distribution panels and power cables

Pre-Integrated Systems

Reliable, pre-integrated systems that are designed to work together and meet the demands of critical applications

Solar Power

Our team is at your disposal to deliver a complete solar powered solution packages includes; designing, engineering, budgeting, project management lead, outsourcing, procurement and logistical support for energy sector entities.

Below analysis shows the emerging market of solar power. Further information in details can be shared on request for better understanding of solar power system

Architectural Drafting
Interior Drafting
Electrical Drafting
Construction Drafting
Structural Drafting
Mechanical Drafting

How We Do It

We are guided by the same basic precepts

Provide quality workmanship and exemplary client service. Employ people of the highest integrity and skill. Provide a safe work environment for our employees and subcontractors.

Industry's work ethic runs deep

From the beginning, honesty and clear vision along with hard work and imagination have been integral parts of our steady and diversified growth.

We have created a culture

We have created a culture that promotes Trust and we are extremely proud of that. This culture has produced a team that likes what they are doing and that is why we do what we do so well.