Facilities Management Work Profile

FOUNDGATES is an emirates based company with its services and branches spread across saudi arabia, emirates, india, pakistan, egypt and now spreading to uk.

We offer complete and partial infrastructure, design, engineering, architectural works, build, rental equipment, site inspections & surveys and excavation works.



We are leading pmv, o/m and facilities management service provider and we are qualified to take over the following projects:

  • Construction  and structural work for ( real estate, facilities or project sites ).
  • Develop and manage plants, facilities, gsm network sites.
  • Provide energy solution on rental basis.
  • Supply of manpower for construction , hospitality and site works.
  • Projects consultation for construction sites.
  • Holding distribution license for various industries counterparts.
  • Trading for electromechanical parts, supplies for construction sites, hospitality industry and it infrastructure.

Facilities Management

Professional fm as an interdisciplinary business function has the objective/ of coordinate demand and supply of facilities and services within public and private organizations.

Fm covers these two main areas:


(Hard FM)

Space & Infrastructure

Planning, design, workplace, construction, lease, occupancy, maintenance and furniture.

Physical built environment with focus on (work-) space and (building-) infrastructure.


(Soft FM)

People & Organization

Catering, cleaning, information and communications technology – ict, human resources – hr, accounting, marketing and hospitality.

Covers the people and the organization and is related to work psychology and occupational physiology.


Compatible Facilities


Offices, residential buildings, high rises and banks.


Research centers, clinics and hospitals of any sort.


Warehouse's, distribution centers, cold storages, logistic parks and others.


Residential, commercial, medical, camps or emergency units.


Diesel, heavy fuel, treatment or conversion plants, factories, workshops and others.


Malls, hotels, service centers, shops, restaurants, café and others.


Educational Centers, Universities, Schools, Child Care and Others.


Government or Sub-Government offices and Palaces.

BMS - Building Management Services

Handling requests for regular workmanship of corrective and preventive maintenance works, including but not limited to plumbing, painting, masonry, carpentry, electrical and related maintenance activities excluding any parts or special tools required to perform the job.

Undertaking to carry out building and grounds maintenance services, which include but shall not be limited to the following services:

Foundgates 35P
Policy & Program

Reduction of cost by using our services. FOUNDGATES has designed several fixed and customizable fm packages to meet the requirements.

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