Facilities Management

Facalities Management

Our PMV Management falls under; Electrical, Mechanical, QHSE, IT, Security, Logistical, Civil Work, House Keeping and Customer Care Units. We have years of experience in providing all kind of manpower to various corporate sectors. Our people work 24*7 so that you can focus on core strengths of your business with a dedicated help desk for solving any query or problem faced by you. We have wide range of packages and solutions under Facilities Management Department with various Service Partners and Teams. Sub-Department falls under Facilities Management:

Maintenance Services

Construction And Renovation Works (CNR)

FOUNDGATES can maintain your equipment to the manufacturer standards to achieve target performance and productivity of your standards. Our Team carry a diverse and wide range set of spares to maximize the efficiency, without the need for a return visit, aiming to reduce costs.

Our resources are vast and distributed all around the network of FOUNDGATES for which it let us reach to your Equipment or Site faster and secure the equipment for any further breakdowns. We have a very strict Preventive Maintenance Schedule to keep your equipment up to its efficiency which is monitored 24/7 by the back office.

FOUNDGATES mostly covers all sort of CNR works for Power Plants, Commercial Business or Facilities. Hospitals, Hotels, Government Offices and much more.

Our teams are Qualified for various types of Construction work in different sectors and to ensure quality of work, they are continuously trained for new Technologies, Trends, Methods, HSE and a lot more. 

Advance Projects Department (APD)

Site And Commissioning Works (SCW)

APD is a special Assignment department for the assembly work of new technology or service packages. The teams assigned to work on these projects are highly trained by the manufacturers to deliver accurate assembly work results. FOUNDAGTES has work with its Service Partners on successfully delivering various project relative to Power Plants and some Telecom Sectors.

FOUNDGATES Technical team is specialized in delivering critical actives such as ,

• Testing and Commissioning for Electromechanical Equipment’s.
• Flushing works for Coolant Water (CW), Diesel, Oil and Fire System.
• Installation of Tanks, Pumps, Generators, MV/LV Cables, MCC, SWGR and all other Electrical or Mechanical Components
• Heavy Sliding and Jacking
• Overhauling for Compressors, Pumps and Engines.
• Insulation and Cladding works
• Paint works and etc.…