Construction & Engineering

By utilizing TRESA’s specialized services, you can ensure the strength, integrity, and conformance of your construction and engineering processes and products.

The construction and engineering industries face a unique set of challenges, including ensuring that projects are completed on time, that products used are both safe and of a certain quality, that costs are not overrun, that corporate social responsibility standards are followed, and that effective risk management is used at every step of the process.

At TRESA, we provide the support you need to strengthen your critical construction and engineering plans. Our services allow product and project optimization by assisting our clients in optimising and securing supply networks and production processes. Furthermore, our programmes and services, like as the ETL and Warnock Hersey marks, can provide industry recognition and validation for your company.

We work with you to ensure that your goods and processes are robust, viable, and ready to meet market expectations no matter where you do business.

Building & Construction

With our testing and certification programmes, you can increase the strength and dependability of your building goods.

Hazardous Locations

With TRESA’s trained professionals, keep your hazardous places safe and compliant.


Our specialized solutions and instruments aid in the management of your industrial goods and projects’ safety, dependability, and results.

Life Safety & Security

Ensure the integrity of your life safety and security items by testing and inspecting them thoroughly.


Make the most of our worldwide knowledge by streamlining and improving your production skills and procedures.